I was ready to head out to go mountain biking. I had my helmet and gloves loaded in the back of the pickup truck and just needed to load the bike. I started the truck and when I stepped on the brake, it went all the way to the floor. “That can’t be right,” I thought to myself as I turned off the engine.

The slight smell of burning rubber wafted in the air. I stepped on the brake pedal and could hear air spurting out somewhere. The brake lines had completely lost pressure. This truck would not stop at all.

When I opened the hood, I noticed brake fluid on the passenger side of the engine bay. I got my sister to step on the brakes while I looked and there it was: a small mist coming out of the passenger side brake tube.

I found the correct part number by referencing a diagram of the brake system.

Vehicles that lived in the Northeast always have an issue with rust. Salt on the roads during the long winters gets on all the bolts and makes its way into the grooves of the frame. This truck was no exception.


Part Name Part Number MSRP
Tube, Front Brake, No. 4 473140C011 $10.63
Tube, Front Brake, No. 7 473170C011 $10.57


Tool Name
10mm Flare Nut Wrench


Supply Name Quantity MSRP
Prestone Max DOT 3 Brake Fluid 32 ounces $10.99


Replace a Brake Line - Toyota Truck Tundra